Romance at the Ballpark


Many couples wed at ballparks across the nation each year. Several MLB parks have beautiful facilities in which to host wedding celebrations. Some come with unique rules like carpeting on the ballfield so no one walks on the grass and others are very relaxed, just like a typical baseball game.

Research shows that fans have been celebrating nuptials at major league ballparks for at 20 years, and, surpirsingly, some host as few as four a year. According to the Associated Press, Fenway has nearly 30 wedding events a year; Citi Field where the New York Mets play hosts around six; Turner Field, where the Atlanta Braves play, around 18; and around five are held each year at U.S. Cellular Field, where the Chicago White Sox play.


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According to the Swimmingly website, MLB ballparks charge a fee to help bachelors pop the question, ranging from $39 to $2,500 (see graphic above). Dozens of couples get engaged at the Field of Dreams each year, often involving staff and our local resources in the planning process. “We’ve given tips on everything from helping family members hide in the corn to tossing baseballs with the BIG question on it across home plate,” said Betty Boeckenstedt, 26-year employee at the Field. And guess what? We do it for free … to help people’s dreams come true. To plan your romantic proposal, call Betty at 563/875-8404.


We see thousands of couples from teenagers to nonagenarians stroll around the bases each year here at the Field of Dreams Movie Site. Hey, even the lasting romance between “Ray” and “Annie” from the movie is carved in the original movie set bleachers that remain here at the site. Couples often take turns walking out of the corn while others relax in the bleachers and quietly enjoy the crack of the bats on the Field. Yet others enjoy pitching to each

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