Welcome to the Farm

The Film

Field Of Dreams screenwriter/director Phil Alden Robinson

Hollywood had written a script based on the book, Shoeless Joe, penned by University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop graduate W. P. Kinsella. Many locations were considered, but with the persistence of the Iowa Film Board and a photo of the Lansing Farm with all the right features, the producers were convinced to make the picture here. Filming lasted 14 weeks during the middle of a drought in the Summer of 1988. After some initial filming, the wrap around portion of the porch was constructed and modifications were made to the interior of the house to accommodate filming equipment. The baseball field was constructed in just three days. Following the movie’s premier it was back to reality. Or was it?

…They Will Come

With the field still in place, the first of many visitors arrived on May 5, 1989. People have come from all corners of the world. People who are magically drawn here for reasons they can’t explain. It exudes everything that is wonderful, the relaxed pace, the pastoral setting, the rich history. The best thing about this place is what isn’t here — instead of providing images and dreams, it is content to be a mere stage. It falls to each individual guest to supply whatever drama and whatever cast he or she desires. True to the simplicity and pristine quality that made the film so endearing, the “Field of Dreams Movie Site” and all who visit benefit by the property remaining as it was originally intended and so well depicted in the movie.