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In 1988, the Lansing Family Farm exchanged its humble roots for a destiny very few could have imagined. However, the story only begins there. Not long after the film’s release, believers shaped, molded, and lovingly preserved what Hollywood and a brilliant novel had set in motion that previous year.

It was a cold day in late December 1987, when a volunteer with the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce (working in conjunction with the Iowa Film Board), Sue Riedel, knocked on the door bringing Don Lansing to his feet. A stranger at his door would explain, “We’re thinking of making a movie in the area on a farm. It possibly could be your farm. Would you allow us to take video of the environs?”

“What, are you dreaming, or what?” asked Don Lansing of his visitors. “The only people who come around here are insurance salesman.”

“No, we are making a movie in the area and are scouting different locations,” said Sue.

“What kind of movie?” replied Don.

“Well,” Sue explained. “It’s a movie about baseball.”

“Baseball? I like baseball. Sure. Go ahead.”

Sue said, “Thanks, we’ll be in touch.”

A chain of events the next few months would culminate in Don Lansing signing a contract for the use of his farm for the filming of “Shoeless Joe.”

The title, later changed to “Field of Dreams,” has gained world-renowned accolades not only in film, but also as a beloved tourist destination for young and old alike. A moment in time, a place in cinematic history, a mecca for anyone longing to be a part of something greater than themselves, inching toward a destiny that has no limits.

What could be more inspiring?

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